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Elby will be starting a new series for our social platforms and newsletter known as “Bradyn’s Tech tips” 


As many of you know our Technical Support team member Bradyn, puts all the Elby bikes together and ensures they are working correctly before shipping out to the customer. Bradyn is the number one person when it comes to troubleshooting and maintenance. 


As a premium Electric Bicycle brand, we want to ensure that all of our customers questions are answered, but why stop there! Our goal with this series is to have a recorded demonstration of how to correct even the hardest of problems.


We have decided to start recording some of our most common and asked trouble shooting questions and will be making these live every Tuesday at 9:00am EST. 


If you have any questions you want to be featured on “Bradyn’s Tech Tips” feel free to send an email at


Our first episode will be launching on Tuesday October 20th where Bradyn will answer the following question: “What are your after ride preventative maintenance tips to keep our Elby’s running smooth?” Stay tuned for the episode!


-Elby Team