Elby tips to have an electric start!

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Everyone you see on a bike was a beginner once (or hey they may still even be a beginner)! From cycling bikes, Hybrids, Electric, Mountain, everyone needs to start somewhere. In today’s article we have some tips for what a first time Elby rider needs.

 1. Read the Elby instruction manual/Contact our Tech support if you are unsure about your Elby Bike fitting properly


If you are unsure how high your seat needs to be, how to turn on and off the bike/lights, change gears, start with our instruction manual the bike comes with. Before your first ride make yourself an expert so you know exactly what to do at any situation. Alternatively, if you cannot figure something out or find in in the manual contact our Tech support Bradyn at Bradyn.elbymobility.com and he will be sure to assist you! 


2. Own and carry a bike lock with you

It’s not uncommon to take your Elby for a ride to the grocery store only to realize you forgot a bike lock! That is why it is important to always carry a lock with your Elby to ensure no matter where you go or where you want to stop you can lock it up safely without having to worry about it being stolen. 


3. The Gears on the Elby (9 speed only) are there to help you

Elby 9 speeds have gears for all sorts of different situations that are intended to help you, are you climbing up a steep mountain? Switch to a higher gear. Are you going downhill? Switch to a lower gear. It’s all about finding what is comfortable for you, that is one of the most important and exciting things while riding your Elby bike. How much assist do you need going up hills, what gear you should be on, as you ride you will discover the answers that meet your personal needs and become an expert of your roads!


 4. Bring a water bottle

Elby is an electric assist bike that does have a full assist throttle but that does not mean you don’t need water. Staying hydrated is very important and even though the Elby can result in you not breaking a sweat having a water in you pack never hurts. 


5. Start small!

When you are first getting used to your new Elby it is okay to start small! Before that 15km commute to work on the bike for your first ride try taking it to do some errands around where you live. Get comfortable with it and see what you need to adjust before extended rides or commutes. 


In Conclusion

Following these simple tips will have you feeling electric, and become an Elby Expert in no time!