Bradyn's Tech Tip - Red Wrench

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"I’ve turned my bike on and I have no assist!"  We here at Elby call this the Red wrench mode. The Red Wrench Mode is when the Body Control Module of the bike has realized that there is a connection that isn’t transmitting correctly on the bike. Below are common areas, where we see connection issues causing the red wrench.


The first area to check would be the closest and easiest is the throttle controller. There are two hardwire connections and two press connections, focus on the two press connections, as they are the ones that normally are loose or disconnected. On the left side of the two connections, there will be a smaller wire with a 90-degree plug that’s connected to the brake switch, and on the right side of the connector is a straight connection with this power and sends the bike information to the display. First turn the bike on, after fully unplug one connection at a time, plug both wires back in with a little force and then check to see if the wrench is still there.


The other area that might cause the wrench to come on would be at the back wheel underneath the Velcro neoprene cover. Under the cover there are two connections first is the longer thicker one that would be the main motor power, the other smaller skinnier one is the motor control wire that sends a signal from throttle to motor to tell it when to turn on and how much assist to give. These two connections are normally secure and tight. Checking these two are little different, turn the bike off first and then check each connection by simply pulling apart on both sides very lightly, If one of them comes apart, re-secure and turn on the bike to see if the wrench is still there. Once all the connections are checked and the wrench has disappeared from the screen, your Elby is ready for the cruising.