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Tech Tip Tuesday for Nov 3rd, 2020


Today’s Tech tip Tuesday we will be going over a complete overview of the bikes breaking down piece by piece to what makes Elby top of its class!


Frame: Elby uses a Flow-formed 6061 aluminum frame.

      Easy Step Through 

      Low Center of Gravity  



Motor: Elby uses a brushless super silent 500W motor 

      Regenerative charge riding meaning as you pedal you can charge the battery!


Battery: The battery that powers the Elby is a 555W, 48V lithium ion battery.

      Integrated lock, Low Power Protection, and deep sleep mode!

      Mounted low for out low center of gravity easy control ride!


Controller: The Controller on the Elby is a 6-button easy to use sleek design!

      Bike Power

      Light control

      Plus, and minus toggle thru 4 assistance levels

      Battery state-of-charge indicator

      Pressure sensitive throttle level


Display Screen: Elby has 2 options for displays we offer a full colour LCD Screen or Our Elby HUD app!

      Our Led screen offers Speed, total milage, trip milage and level of assist

      New Elby HUD! Gives you Speed, Mileage, Time and New GPS function! 


Lights: Running 2 Super Nova LED lights super bright lights

      2 165 Lumen lights on the front and back making your ride so much safer! 


Adjustability: With 5 points of Adjustability making rider comfort our number 1!

      Seat Height 

      Handlebar Height

      Stem Angle

      Seat Position 

      Seat Angle


Other Features: There’s many features that set us apart from the competition.

      Smart Brake Lever- Cuts power to the motor so it doesn’t overheat!

      Rear Rack Fender- A rack ready fender for our Rack and baskets!

      Hydraulic Disk Brakes- Both front and back brakes are hydraulic disk!

Adjustable kickstand- A adjustable kickstand right out of the box!