Bradyn's Tech Tip - Best Elby Maintenance Tips

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Whether its Pre-Ride or Post-Ride maintenance is key to make sure the Elby can keep up to its owner! The biggest system on a Elby is the electrical system! We will be looking at all the important connections of the Elbys system and how to take care of them!


First and most important is never expose these connections to water! If any of these connections get water in them do not connect and power the bike, if water enters these connections please dry them with a cloth or lightly with compressed air. Always give a hour or two for the connector to fully dry!


For Battery maintenance we recommend always storing the battery in a dry environment with temperatures between 50F-70F. Note the battery should never be stored below 14F or as hot as 113F. if taking the battery out of the bike to charge, always have a look at the battery dock to make sure there is no debris so the battery can make a full connection.


To make sure you get the most life out of your Elby we recommend only charging the battery when its below 30%, with that being said it is fine to have to plug the battery in to top off to fully charged! For the motor we recommend wiping it down with a damp rag and not using a hose on it, the rear motors are delicate and some water in there can cause complications with the wheel... For the rest of the electrical components just make sure no debris or water get into the connectors!