NEW 2022 Urban CRIT Electric Ebike by Elby

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The Urban CRIT is a high-performance electric assist bike that's designed to be the perfect all-around bike. It has innovative styling, comfort, power and versatility with five distinct levels of assist. When you want to go faster, pedal faster, not harder.

The Urban CRIT is the perfect addition to your urban lifestyle! With its on-road/off-road 700c tires, 36v EMtech internal battery pack, HD Mechanical disc brakes, simulated black leather saddle and straight handlebars with 620mm width, this bike will keep you moving in style wherever you need to go!

The Urban CRIT also comes with five levels of assistance:
Level 1 –  Walking Assist
Level 2 –  Comfort Assist
Level 3 –  Normal Assist
Level 4 –  Pace Assist (ABS)
Level 5 –  High Assist (Electricity)

The Urban CRIT was designed with specific requirements in mind to fulfill:
•  Aero road geometry for faster speeds and less wind resistance
•  Comfortable upright riding position for long distance touring
•  Powerful disc brakes for maximum stopping power and control even in wet conditions
•  A high quality belt drive system with a 1.5" LCD display screen for easy viewing of speed, trip distance and battery level information

    Urban CRIT bike

    The Urban CRIT is a great bike for commuting, touring or even just going to work. The Urban CRIT has 5 distinct levels of assist that are easily adjustable, allowing you to climb hills with ease. The pedals have a standard platform design and they will work with all types of shoes.

    The Urban CRIT has a 36v internal battery pack that provides up to 40 minutes of extra range with one charge. With an added aftermarket rear rack it also has the ability to run 3 rear cargo bags.

    The frame of the Urban CRIT is made from hydroformed aluminum which gives it a very comfortable ride while providing excellent strength and durability. The tires are 700x42c front and rear which give you plenty of traction when riding on pavement or off-road terrain. 

    It also features disc brakes which provide strong stopping power in all weather conditions including wet conditions when the brakes get wet from raindrops or snowfall during winter months.

    This bike comes with its own LCD display so you can easily see how much juice is left in your battery pack as well as how much time remains until it needs charging again before you can use it again.