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Are you someone who is looking to purchase an electric bike but not sure what the best electric bike is? Look no further than Elby! In this weeks tech tip we are going to look at what sets us apart and why we are the best electric bike of 2020.


Built from the ground up to incorporate the latest ebike technology and features that keep you safe and comfortable, every aspect of the Elby was imagined and designed to deliver outstanding performance and a premium riding experience. Despite all the special features and technology built into the bike, nothing describes the feeling – the electric feeling – you get when your feet touch the pedals.


Power in you Palms

Control the Elby literally at your fingertips: throttle, assist (or regeneration) level, and on-board display all are integrated with the handlebar for safe and secure cruising.  


The Smart Bike

With Elby Bluetooth connectivity, your smart phone becomes an extension of your experience.


Lithium-ion Battery

Elby’s got a large capacity, super high-output lithium-ion power bank with a fully-sealed 52 cell structure. That’s up to 80 miles on a single charge.


One For All

The Elby is for everybody. Literally. Elby bikes are adjustable at multiple points, meaning the same bike fits basketball superstars and horse jockeys alike.


Supernova Lighting

Brigher than a thousand suns...or at least close. All Elby bikes come with standard front and rear Supernova LED lighting. Light up the night or be seen all day long, it’s no draw on the battery.


Coast in Comfort

Full Stop. Full Control.

Your Elby rolls fast, which means it needs the brakes to match. We take no chances with topline Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, stopping you on a dime.


Feel Electric

The Elby’s rear wheel drive is silent, strong, and precisely tuned. With it pushing you along, every pedal stroke you make is met with up to 500 watts(!) of power, making you feel like a kid again.


As you can see elby is a not only makes you feel electric, it has top of the line components you can trust and rely on when you decide to invest in an electric bike.


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