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Happy Fan Friday everyone!


This week we are highlighting Teresa and her stunning white elby!

"This picture was taken in Bend, OR.  Three Sisters Mountains are in the background.  This photo was taken from the top of Pilot Butte, which was a breeze to ride up.  Love my Elby bike!"


Tell us a little about yourself:  I have been a 2nd grade teacher for 26 years.  I am 57 years old and I have always enjoyed bike riding.  Bike riding is a way for me to unwind and I thoroughly enjoy the freedom of riding and exploring.  I first rode an electric bike in Hawaii and found it amazing to be able to climb hills effortlessly and keep up with stronger riders.


What made you want to get an Elby:  I was attracted to the Elby bike because of the step thru frame, frame style, regenerative braking, hydraulic brakes, hidden location of the battery, and the miles Elby could travel on a charge because I live in a rural area.  Also, the seat and handlebars are amazingly comfortable.  There was no uncomfortable transition period for getting used to it's parts. This is a well engineered bike for comfort and technology.  


What is now like to own an Elby:  Elby allows me to go places and distances which before were not possible.  I always look forward to riding because I know at any time I can rely on a little more/less assistance on my journey.  I find it amusing when people do a double take as I pedal up a steep winding hill or cruise by riders that are dressed for the iron man:)


If you pick one thing Elby does in the future what would that be?  A safety mirror made specifically for the Elby taking into consideration the size of the grips and handlebars.


Thank you so much Teresa for being apart of Elby Fan Friday, it was an amazing image you captured on your ride. Thank you for the recommendation at looking at a safety mirror being added to our products, that is something we will definitely look at adding that sometime this year!  


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