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Hello Elby Family, it's Friday so you know what that means!


⚡️It's Fan Friday!⚡️ 


This week we are highlighting Diane and her Blue Elby she has named "Bella". A common theme we have seen thorughout our Fan Friday interviews is that everyone seems to give their Elby a name, and I love it! I personally have named my own Elby so it seems to be a common connection between all us Elby lovers!


Tell us a little bit about yourself Diane: 

 I’m 60 years old and cycling enthusiastically for the first time in my life.    

What Made you want to get an Elby:  

My husband is an avid cyclist and when he would ask if I wanted to go for a ride my mind flew to how many hills were in the ride, what was the temperature, would I survive the ride! Friends of ours bought Elby bikes and they looked awesome and rode even better than they looked. We went for a long ride with them, me on my 18 speed bike. I was definitely the weakest link. Then I tried one of their Elby bikes and I was sold. I went out the very next day and bought one. That was early September and by the end of October I had over 1,000km on my Elby.      


What is it now like to own an Elby:   I’ve named her Bella. She’s blue, she’s electric and she’s beautiful - Bella! I can’t wait for winter to end so I can be on the road, path, trail again.    I’ve had 5 year olds yell to me on my way by “Is that an electric bike?” and watch me in awe.

If you can pick one thing that Elby does in the future what would it be?

I would love to see an indicator on the gear shifter to show which gear I’m in. When I’m cycling and try to look down at the gears I feel a little like a distracted driver. That is the only improvement I can think of.  Thank for making such an impressive product.

Thank you so much Diane! It looks like you and Bella have a ton of fun together and can't wait to get back to riding. I must say that putting 1000km in one month of time is quite an impressive feat! 


As for your recommendation we are currently looking into a new system and more effective way to show the gear you are in on the bike. Stay tuned for more information regarding that, but we agree that is a great recommendation!

Thank you Diane!


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