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Happy Friday everyone, its ⚡️Feel Electric Fan Friday⚡️ This week we are highlighting Carol and Her white “Ellie” Elby.



I decided to look into purchasing an electric bike after trying one on a holiday in Mexico.  I loved the help on uphills and the advantage of keeping up to some faster riders without the extra effort and exhaustion.  It was time to seriously shop!  My husband Dave agreed.

We looked at a number of bikes before we tried the Elby.  So, when sitting on the Elby, we were able to notice the extra comfort, the ease of entry, the simple but extensive gears and their management, and the overall great quality.  We were sold! We purchased them at Cycle Electric in Kitchener.

Since purchasing my white “Ellie Elby” in April 2019, I put on 4300 kilometres, mostly in my own neighbourhood of Niagara.  The paths here are gorgeous and plentiful, and I was heading out for a ride about four times a week in the summers.  Dave purchased a blue Elby, however he still enjoys riding his “no power” good quality bike so he hasn’t put quite as many kilos on the Elby, yet I expect as he ages the proportion of “power” versus “nonpower” may change!  

One disadvantage I found was the weight and size of transporting one Elby in vehicles, however, I have found a way to get Ellie in my Equinox by myself and now can take on further adventures.  I need to “squeeze” “shift” and “realign” a few times, but she fits!  We purchased the trailer recommended for travel with two Elby’s which works well when two of us can put them up together but being able to put mine in the trunk of my Equinox myself works perfectly for day travels.  (I am in my early 60s and can still lift her)


Unfortunately, on Nov. 5, 2020, I had a serious accident with my Ellie Elby.  I was riding on a road that leads to our Niagara Parkway that is full of potholes and in need of repair.  I felt threatened by a lot of traffic so I went on to the gravel.  When I had to return to the road, there was a 4-inch drop between the road and the gravel which I didn’t get over.  Instead Elby stopped and I flew over her faceplanting the road.  Luckily for me three passers-by called an ambulance and I ended up with 7 stitches to my cheek, at least three eye surgeries (still awaiting one) and a root canal for a dead eye tooth.  My helmet was untouched as I landed face first.  I tell you this because I know that on another bike it may have been even worse.  Ellie was hurt; she needs a new light, a new computer holder, and a few tweaks, yet I think she handled it better than many other bikes may have.  She is in for repairs but I look forward to joining her for many more adventures starting next spring.  

I advise anyone looking for wonderful riding experiences to try out the Elby’s.  I haven’t heard of any other bikes I would prefer.  Yes, she was a bit pricey but definitely worth it!  I love my ELBY!!


Take care and stay safe”


We are happy to say we have fixed up Carol’s “Ellie” Elby so her adventures may begin again!


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