Elby Mobility (Newmarket, Ontario) is pleased to enter into an exclusive manufacturing agreement with EMTech Engineering for electronic drive train components.

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Elby Mobility (Newmarket, Ontario) is pleased to enter into an exclusive manufacturing agreement with EMTech Engineering for electronic drive train components.


November 20, 2020 


Elby Mobility has entered into an exclusive manufacturing agreement with EMTech Engineering for electronic drive train bicycle and automotive components.  Elby Bikes created its first e-bike with an industry-leading low center of gravity step through design.  For several years Elby supported the BionX drive system but after the company was dissolved, they were forced to start the development process all over again.  This is something that has been in the works for a while states Justin Moore, President of Elby Bikes.  “I am excited about this opportunity as it will allow Elby to be the leader in the electric mobility category once again.  The new components are top notch and will be featured on all our NEW designs starting in January and delivering to dealers in May 2021”.  

With the growth in the e-bike market over the past few years, businesses like ours need to secure strategic manufacturer agreements with partners like EMTech. This new partnership will allow us to control our high-quality standards and continue with the triple digit growth that we are experiencing in 2020.   Our strengths have always been creating and designing high quality industry-leading products and bringing them from concept to reality. EMTech will not only increase the overall quality of our bike, but it will also increase the end user experience with a more user friendly and efficient design. 

About Elby Mobility


Founded in 2019, Elby Mobility is pioneering a revolution in the way we move through our communities and cities.  Elby Mobility’s ebikes provide empowering alternatives to move people through their communities with ease. By providing a scalable, leading-edge solution, we strive to relieve the pain points of transportation and build value for businesses. At the same time, we know our electric-powered solutions are contributing toward a sustainable future, reduced congestion, a cleaner environment, and higher quality of life for everyone.

Elby Mobility sells directly to dealers and distributors but is also a leading provider of ebike fleets to hospitality properties, corporate and collegiate campuses, high-density residential communities, and municipal governments. These fleets provide organizations with new opportunities for revenue generation, improved customer engagement and loyalty, and methods to advance corporate sustainability initiatives.

Elby is welcoming, aspirational, connected, and built to carry us all into a better future. Most of all, they’re incredibly fun to use. Elby. Feel Electric.

For more information on Elby Mobility, please visit https://www.elbymobility.com