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Happy Friday elby family!


This week we are highlighting Gary and Gloria and their white and blue elby's!


"Hi we’re Gary and Gloria two very happy Elby owners who live in British Columbia. Attached is a picture of our bikes taken on June 24, 2021 at about the 24 kilometre (14.9 mile) mark (our obvious end point of the day) on the spectacular “Meadows in the Sky Parkway” in Revelstoke National Park. The Parkway starts at the Trans Canada Highway at an elevation of 470 meters (1,542 feet) and winds its way up hill for 26 kilometres (14.9 miles) of smooth paved road providing spectacular viewpoints. At the top with an elevation of 1,835 meters (6,020 feet) are beautiful sub alpine meadows, numerous hiking trails and mountain lakes which become accessible in mid July.


The recharge rate of our Elby bikes on the way down was almost as spectacular as the scenery. Starting out with 98% battery life they were drained down to 40% when we hit the snow and had to turn around. Using recharge rates of -3 and -4 eliminated our need for braking on the downhill and still giving us some exercise peddling. We picked up a 45% recharge bringing us back up to 85%, only 13% less than when we started. The recharge feature is a fantastic thing to have on our bikes.


We are definitely going back to the Parkway."


Thank you so much Gary and Gloria and glad to see you are loving the bikes and making great use of that recharge feature.