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Happy Fan Friday Elby Family!

This week we are highlighting Kathie M and her stunning Orange Elby.

"Hi, my name is Kathie and I’m a proud Elby cyclist for a year and a half. I am also a member of the American River Bike Patrol in Sacramento, California for almost a year. We are a subset of the National Ski Patrol and patrol the 32-mile Jedediah Smith Trail along the American River. We work as trail ambassadors, providing trail directional advice, equipment assistance, safety insights and bike safety programs, as well as assistance with events. We are trained in first-aid and CPR, and serve as eyes and ears of the Parkway Rangers along this scenic multi use trail.

I bought my bike after selling my motorcycle with California drivers it became harder to predict what they would be doing on the road. I’m 72 and lost the enjoyment of a ride, so I traded in the motorcycle, bought the Elby online, and have the enjoyment back! Buying online was not risky

The only thing I would change, which I did, was to add a suspension seat post. This improved the comfort of the ride noticeably. So, a Tech Tip for the User Manual or online, would be how to change your seat post. I have had other bikes and all you need to do is unscrew the seat clamp or collar and lift out the post, not with an Elby! They have a great safety feature so as not to extend the height of the post past the maximum. This I did not know so an e-mail to Elby and a quick response from Justin led me to the fact that at the bottom of the post there are 2 small screws that need to be removed to pull the post out

Thank you Elby for putting out a newsletter with Tech Tips and Fan Friday. Over on the West Coast I thought I was the only one riding this awesome e-bike!"

You are so welcome Kathie and we absolutely love that you are enjoying the bike! As for the newsletter with Tech Tips and Fan Fridays you can expect that and a lot more to be coming in the future!