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Now that we are getting closer to fall, our days are starting to get shorter, night creeping up on us earlier as the days go by. But that does not mean you should stop riding earlier! In today’s blog I am going to discuss with you the best tips to stay safe while riding your Elby including nighttime safety.  


Tip #1

Use your Lights:

Even in the dark of night the Elby can pierce through with light, Brighter than a thousand suns...or at least close. All Elby bikes come with standard front and rear Supernova LED lighting. Light up the night or be seen all day long, it’s no draw. This is absolutely key while riding at night and will make sure you can ride all night long


Tip #2 

Use your bell and have an air horn: 

Using the bell equipped on the Elby is a perfect way to navigate pedestrian traffic, be it on the busy streets of downtown, or on a late-night ride, using your bell to navigate through pedestrian traffic is the best way to keep you and others safe. For cars on the other hand I recommend carrying an air horn. You never know if someone is paying attention, if you feel you are at risk blow the horn to let them know you are there. 



Tip #3 

Weekend nighttime riding

As much as it tries to be prevented, drunk driving is still very relevant. If you are riding at night on the weekend (31% Of Fatal drunk driving accidents happen on the weekend) please be extra cautious. Also keep in mind not to drink and ride yourself as you can put yourself or others at serious risk. 



Tip #4 

Reflective cycling gear

Wearing a reflective outfit can mean the difference of a car spotting you or getting to close for comfort. RoadBikeRider.com has a great article on this where they break down some of the best reflective gear on the market, we highly recommend you check it out. https://www.roadbikerider.com/best-high-visibility-reflective-cycling-gear/


Tip #5


Please, please, please we cannot stress this enough… wear a helmet. A bike helmet is the most effective way to prevent fatalities and head injuries from bike accidents. An article by “The Guardian” covered how bicycle helmets can reduce the risk of serious head injury by 70%. Their study also showed that cyclists who wear helmets reduce their chance of a fatal head injury by 65%. Please wear a bike helmet. 



Here at Elby we ensure that our riders love the product and are having fun! That being said it is important to stay safe while riding and keeping yourself and others out of harm. For more things Elby follow us on Social media and Subscribe to our weekly newsletter! 


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