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Happy Friday elby family!


This week we are highlighting Ross Macdowell and his black elby. 


"Hi Elby team,


It’s been decades since I rode a bike as my sport/activity of choice is golf. Most vacations seemed to revolve around golf which left other activities, such as biking a long distance thought. My name is Ross, I’m that close to 80 years old and sometimes life throws a few unexpected curves of which some of them are tragic. My gorgeous wife and partner of 54 years, died suddenly a few months ago, and it has left a huge void in my life. For those who have experienced the grieving process, you know the toll it takes.


Being fit and active all my life, with all sports (excluding biking), my son realized that to get me out of a funk, I should consider taking up biking and spend time that way with his family. I never thought much about it, until one day, on Facebook, I saw and ad/article on an e-bike called ELBY. I had no idea, at first, that such a bike existed so I did some research and the more I looked into it, everything was positive and I decided to make a purchase. It arrived early Spring and I was anxious to try it out but it wasn’t until near mid-May that I took it out for the first time. WOW, now that’s what I call a bike.


I obviously started very slowly as I needed to gain that confidence again. Thank goodness the ELBY sent along training wheels for seniors. An lol here. So far I have done three great and fantastic runs on paved biking paths that were just beautiful. Mont-Tremblant in the Laurentians was spectacular but other runs on the outskirts of Montreal were very nice as well. I’m happy with a 3-4 hour trip which ends just around cocktail time. That’s fine with me. Golf has been taking a 2nd place lately to riding my ELBY. 


I can keep up with my son and grandson on the flats but when they decide to throttle down the hills, my hands are half frozen to the brakes. Not a young pup anymore so I’m a little careful there. I do get my revenge however, whenever there’s a hill to climb, preferably a long one. There they are struggling on their “regular” bikes and as soon as I see an opening, I put on the turbo charge, wave at them as I go by and then rest at the top of the hill waiting for them. Pure delight. 


I am sold on the ELBY and the pleasure I get out of it. Most of all it takes me into a positive frame of mind with the odd occasion of hearing my wife say, Now you be careful, you’re in the very senior category now. Love it.




That is an absolutely beautiful story and we are so sorry to hear about your wifes passing. The fact that you are using the elby to get into a positive frame of mind is beautiful and we are all so proud of you here at the elby headquarters. Keep on riding Ross, you are doing great!