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Happy friday elby family!


This week for Fan Friday we are featuring Michael Deis and his black elby!


About myself

I am a 76 year old retired university professor who likes being outdoors all the time.  The Elby provides excellent exercise and is easy to ride and maintain.   


Why did I want to get an Elby?

I had shopped and shopped for an electric and had even ridden a few.  My goal was to find an almost step-through electric bike.  I finally saw an Elby electric bike at Engel’s  Bicycles in Bonita Springs and was initially impressed with the overall appearance of the bike.  After trying the bike out, I knew it was the bike for me.  


What is it like to own an Elby?.   

It rides very comfortably, is extremely easy to pedal, and the pedal assist system works perfectly.  The odometer module is effective and efficient and the module tells me everything I need to know when riding.  The Elby has been perfect for me because I can just hop on it for a casual ride and then use the pedal assist when necessary.  (Note: I often just keep it in a pedal assist 2 – 3 mode; yes, it does make it easier to pedal….and yes, it does make the ride even more enjoyable.)  

The Elby is also very easy to mount and dismount, similar to a low step-through – which is very important to me.


Whenever I ride it, people are always stopping me and asking about the bike.  With its appearance, it does not even look like a regular electric bike.  


I have used the bike to go for groceries, to pedal to a park, and have even added a Burley Travoy bike trailer with it.  With the new Elby Rear Rack, I can also use quick-release bags, and I’m even able to put panniers under the arm of the Burley Travoy that attaches to the new Elby rear rack.  By the way, the new and revised Elby rear rack is much longer than the previous rack and provides so many more options. 


What could Elby do in the future?  

I have a quick-release (Biria) front bag that attaches to another bike and would like to use it on the Elby.   I like the front light on the Elby, but, unfortunately, because of where it is mounted, I am unable to attach the quick-release bag.  It would be nice if there was some way to be able to have both the front quick-release bag and the front light on the Elby.  (I really like the front light, so I do not want to do away with it.)


Thank you so much Michael, we really appreciate you being apart of Fan Friday!